Marketing Services in Columbus

Marketing Services Definitions

Awareness Building Activities
Developing ideas to get potential customers to know about your business, product or services offerings.

Brand Building
This is what sets your small business apart from the rest.  It helps to create an identity potential customers are able to relate to and find value in.

Business Planning
The foundation to your business.  Lays out goals and objectives and your roadmap to get you there.

Event Planning
Creating and executing memorable events to accomplish business goals.

Lead Generation
The process of finding potential customers.

Market Evaluation
Thoroughly reviewing the landscape where your business, product or service plays – and understanding how to win.

Needs Assessment Execution
Assessing the situation of an existing business (gaps in process, efficiency or even success) and creating plans to change course.

Presentation Creation
Developing impactful presentations to win the attention of diverse audiences.

Process Improvement
Identifying areas to improve how you are currently doing business.

Promotion Development
Creating campaigns to attract new customers and influence existing customers to engage more often.

Rebranding Initiatives
Trying new ideas/activities to change your customers’ perception of your existing business, product or service.

Social Media Support
Creating and managing a cohesive social media presence so all of your sites are working together.

Strategy Development
With a thorough understanding of the existing market factors, identifying the areas of focus to accomplish business goals.

Tactical Assistance
Providing some extra hands to help implement some of the cool ideas to grow your business.

Tactical Planning
Planning all of the activities, aligned to strategy, that will be implemented to help you accomplish your business goals.

Tactical Planning Refresh
Updating the existing activities to drive business in a mature organization.

Training Development
Developing presentations and tools to ensure your employees are set up for success in their roles – ultimately driving to a more efficient and successful organization.